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At Shallowford Consulting, we are proud to provide a range of services related to financial data and systems.

In particular, our services are aimed at delivering ingenious solutions for difficult situations. We know first hand, as you do, that business at the best of times can be messy and that it takes some creative problem solving to unpick the mess, generate ideas and select the best solution to address the situation at hand. That is where we come in. With our technical expertise, personal approach and in-depth experience, we can help you find the key to unlock the potential for your business.

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Systems management and selection [+]

We take pride in evaluating and understanding your unique situation and providing the best system solution to meet your business needs.Read below for more information on our Systems Management Process.

Systems Management

Issue Investigation & Evaluation

Clients often see the symptoms and not the cause. A core strength at Shallowford Consulting is our ability to identify the root cause of the issue and provide a solution that effectively and appropriately addresses the real issues.

Systems Selection:

This is always a difficult challenge and a clear understanding of the requirements is a key element of that decision. Based on our findings during the investigation and evaluation stage, we will recommend either the choice of a new system or modification of your existing system – depending on what is appropriate for your needs. Wisdom gained from first-hand experience equips us with the expertise and knowledge to ensure that the functionality you need is ultimately delivered by the system you choose.

The unique difference of Shallowford Consulting is that, unlike many consultancies, we are not tied to one particular systems vendor. This means that when selecting a new system for our clients, we have freedom of choice to select the appropriate technology, at the right price and the right level to meet your needs.

System Modification:

There are times where it is not appropriate to change the system so we appropriately fix what already exists.

Configure and Implement:

We adopt the best business practice (PRINCE 2) methods of project management to ensure solutions are implemented and tested according to professional best practice.

Our Systems Management Clients:

We have worked with several Blue Chip Companies, managing the evaluation, selection and implementation process for various accounting and business process systems.

Clients include:

Parcel Force and Ideal World TV shopping

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Data integration [+]

Data migration is known to be a time-consuming process. However, as well as being a legal requirement, the benefits are well worth the cost.

Data Integration


It is important to ensure all required data is extracted in a controlled and structured manner and validated at the point of extraction.


All systems contain incorrect and/or duplicated data. At the transform stage, it is therefore important to apply two techniques: Data Cleansing and Data Consolidation.

Data Cleansing:

This includes the ability to correct client data inconsistencies such as invalid or mis-spelt addresses and postcodes using PAF address validation.

Data Consolidation:

This checks for and removes any unwanted duplications of customer data.

It is essential to remove these imperfections prior to loading into the new system to ensure your client data is continuously accurate and up to date; enabling you to provide responsive and high quality customer service as well as keep your marketing plans on track.

From a legal perspective, it also maintains your compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Read the ICO Annual Report 2011 »


Once the data is cleaned and/or consolidated (reshaped) it can be loaded into the new system.


This must be undertaken at each part of the process (Rationale for this?)

Our Experience with Data Migration:

Previous and current clients include:

Interserve and Luton Town FC.

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Business intelligence and reporting [+]

Business metrics and KPIs are key to monitor the financial health of the business.

Data Warehousing

Our experience

Our system modifications have significantly streamlined both management and statuatory reporting cycles for several multinational companies.

In addition, we also have developed and implemented complete reporting strategies and delivered entire data warehouse solutions.

Clients include:

Parcel Force

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Process and change [+]

All change needs to be introduced under properly controlled conditions and with careful planning to minimize disruption to business as usual.

Our areas of expertise include:

Mergers and Acquisitions:

At Shallowford Consulting, we have had experience on both sides of the fence when it comes to M & As. Not only do we have the technical expertise to help you achieve your business objectives but we also understand the risks and emotions associated with this type of change. We empathise with your employees and work with them sensitively to ensure the smooth integration of both companies; minimizing risk and enhancing opportunities for growth and future success.

System Change/Replacement:

Sometimes an appropriate business change is to adapt an existing system or implement a brand new one to meet the changing needs of the business. At Shallowford Consulting, we have experience in managing significant and complex system change projects, helping clients minimize risk and maximize impact.

Our experience with Business Change:

Clients in this area include Blue Circle Industries.

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  • “(Shallowford’s) input, as a member of our multi-million pound (Dynamics ERP) Project steering board, was key in ensuring that project stakeholders as well as users were kept informed and involved throughout the complex data migration process.”

    — Simon Ashdown, Finance Director